Should I go ahead and buy that HDTV now?


I own three televisions – all dating to the last century.  Two are just fine, the third has a warped picture tube and everyone’s head is elongated so they all look like they are sporting Jerry Lee Lewis hair-dos.

I’ve been lurking around the appliance stores checking out those high definition numbers with sleek skinny screens.  I wasn’t planning to make a purchase until one of my good sets goes on the blink.

tent city Now, I hear we are in danger of a collapse of our currency and I’ve begun exploring how to prepare for such an event.  I live on a fixed income which could become “unfixed” real fast if people start forming tent cities and I can’t fill my rentals.

I received my first social security check in June which I had fun blowing, but now, I wonder.  Will Uncle Sam soon begin issuing I-O-Us like California is doing?  Those won’t buy anything at all.

If our new king and his court continue spending like drunken sailors, we will likely experience a collapse of the economy – maybe not all at once – more like a slow slide into a black hole.  Actually it began about 24 months ago while we were preoccupied with American Idol.  That was probably part of the plan.

So, really, we need to think about buying goods today that we’ll need 1-2 years from now.  They will depreciate much slower than our savings, I fear.  Now, “don’t that just blow the rag off the bush”, to quote a previous blog on antiquated expressions from the last Great Depression.

I’m thinking seriously of selling my house and buying a cabin in the country with a few acres on which to raise a proper garden, with a few chickens for eggs and a dairy cow for milk.  I’ll have to become a vegetarian because I couldn’t possibly kill an animal I’d raised.  I’d sooner eat Rebel or Lucky Dawg.

6 thoughts on “Should I go ahead and buy that HDTV now?

  1. First of all, get off your wallet and go buy that new TV. Remember, you only live once and you certainly can’t take it with you! Once you watch HD you will never want to watch your old sets again.
    Secondly, I somehow cannot visualize you living in the middle of nowhere in a rustic cabin raising chickens and milking cows. No electricity, an outhouse, wow , doesn’t sound like fun to me.

  2. Yeah, you say that now, Beth. When the collapse comes, you’ll be begging me to let you come live on my farm. I’ll build you a room, but you have to milk the cows and churn the butter.

  3. Doesn’t HD just give the personalities on the screen high definition wrinkles?

  4. Go ahead and buy that new TV, you have earned it. You will not be sorry once you get it.

  5. I, personally, don’t get this HD stuff. Why do I want to see every blemish and pore on someones face????? Sure, the colors are lovely, but why not turn off the set and step outside? I’m with you Emily. Can I be your neighbor?

  6. Amen Paula. Everyone of those sets I’ve seen stretch out the picture so everyone looks really fat. The only good thing is they don’t take up a square acre of real estate the way my old dinasaurs do.

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