Shucks, I’ve gone and lost it


Have you ever tucked something away so safely that you’ll never lose it, then you forget where that was?

I’ve spent the last two days searching for my wine glasses.  My book club is meeting at my house tomorrow and I can’t find my wine glasses.

I remember cleaning out my Welsh dresser  when I moved it to the guest room.   I remember stacking those glasses in a place that no earth quake could ever destroy.

Where could that be?  My house isn’t that large. 

My book club won’t go anywhere without their wine glasses. If I try serving it in paper cups I will be excommunicated. So I must go out and buy or borrow some glasses.

Ironically, the book of the month is Anne D. LeClaire’s Entering Normal. It resonated with me.  I hope to be normal some day and maybe I will stop losing things in this insane senior citizen game of hide and seek.

Incidentally, this book is wonderful. I loved it and I usually don’t enjoy anything but murder mysteries. 

We’re doing a teleconference with the author tomorrow.  At least we’ll be sober because I don’t have any proper wine glasses.

4 thoughts on “Shucks, I’ve gone and lost it

  1. Sometimes in the late 70’s I was the leading Sales Person in my division of the company I worked with. I won a Rolex President Watch. I was probably making 15 to 20,000/year and at that time the Rolex sold for about 14,000. In that fall when I went home to Mississippi I didn’t take the watch. I can’t really remember why, bug I didn’t take it with me. I thought I had put it in a sock and put the sock in a sports coat in the closet. I was in Mississippi for 2 weeks and when I go back I couldn’t find the watch. I tried reprting it to the home owners insurance, but because I didn’t have it insured (hells bells — I could not afford the insurance on the watch). well anyway, there was no coverage. Years went by and I forgot about the watch. When I closed down and sold the home in 2005, in a santa claus figurine, sitting on top of a valance in my Den…low and behold there is this WATCH…lost for almost 20 years.. Talk about forgetting and never dusting above my head…so don’t tell me about “gone and lost it”? I wear the watch today and it runs like a charm, so Rolex’s are a good sealed watch.!!!

  2. Martha – haven’t heard from you in a while? Any rain yet? My friends in Dallas say they have to water the foundation of their home each day so it won’t crack.

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