Sidelined, but saved by sappy movies

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I’ve been confined to four walls for almost seven days now. I would have lost my mind around day four, except for the sappy clichéd Holiday movies that are being paraded out on Lifetime television like ants on the way to a donut funeral.

Of course, they are terrible – poorly acted for the most part and so saccharine in theme, they make my teeth hurt.  But suddenly I’m hooked. 


I watched several yesterday that made me pause.  I got so caught up in the emotion of it all, that I sobbed out loud right on cue. I mourned the loss of innocence, and longed for a return to childlike wonder.

Lucky Dawg and Rebel had never heard such utter desolation from their ”human pet” and they went and hid under the dining room table.

The best movie (wish I could remember the name)  was about a middle age woman consumed by a waning career and disillusioned by life. In the first scene, she tells her nieces and nephews to get over Santa Claus – no such person ever existed.  She hates the season and is rude to her employees and  detached from her family and friends.

One day a small girl appears to her in her living room.  She tells Susan that she is the little girl Susan had once been. She is full of wonder and excitement at life’s smallest joys.  Little Susan begins to follow Big Susan everywhere, though no one else can see her.

It takes an hour and a half but Susan finally gets the message from her’ “inner child.” She begins to warm up to her colleagues, and her career soars and naturally, a love interest shows up right on time.

Sappiness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Just stock up on tissue before watching one of these movies. 

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  1. Emily,

    I, too, have been caught up with the movies on Hallmark channel that started the first of December. Yes, they are sappy and sweet, but bring back so many happy memories of my own childhood and the innocence of childlike belief. Maybe we could all use an extra dose of it during this special season of celebrating the birth of Christ and His perfect love.

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