Signs Christmas shopping isn’t going well


Typically I have my Christmas shopping already done and the packages wrapped and under the tree by this time in the magical month of December.  This year I haven’t even made out my list much less purchased a single gift. I decided to get going today.


I opened the local paper this morning and began to get a headache.  Almost every ad began with the words “Last minute Shopping Ideas.”  My Daddy used to do all his Christmas shopping on Christmas eve – when did the world decide that December 8 is the absolute LAST MINUTE?

Here are a few other clues that Christmas shopping isn’t going well.


I drove out to Wal-mart and used a half tank of gas cruising the parking lot, trying in vain to find a space.  I gave up and stopped off at Fred’s where at least four children were throwing temper tantrums. I was on the verge of throwing one myself.

The only Christmas lights still available are hot pink.  Who in the world uses hot pink lights on their Christmas tree?

And the final blow came when I finally got up to the cash register with all my new hot pink tree trimmings. After waiting in line for 27 minutes the cash register went on the blink and everyone was corraled over to aisle three where I stood in line another 27 minutes with a fake smile pasted on my face. I am nothing is not pleasant.

So what’s a tardy Christmas shopper to do?  I can’t shop online and I can’t handle the crowds in the store.  When I was little, I made everyone macaroni necklaces one year.  Maybe I’ll do that again.  If they turn out tacky, my friends can always cook them up for dinner.

2 thoughts on “Signs Christmas shopping isn’t going well

  1. you cheer me up as always dear Emily…I haven’t bought one present of put up one decoration, so you ought to feel like you have won the marathon!

  2. My daughter made a wonderful suggestion this year to our family.
    No one is to give presents to any other member. Instead they
    are to take whatever money they would have spent and donate it
    to an agency or purchase some gift cards for needy families in the
    community. It has decreased my stress by miles. Also limited the
    packages I have to “stuff” in my van on my trip to Atlanta. Good Luck Dear, Much Love. – M

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