Sit and knit


I noticed this little number on Pinterest this a.m.  It’s a rocking chair that knits a beanie while you rock.

Pretty clever idea, although I’m not so fond of beanies and don’t want this thing sitting on my porch or in my living room..

Perhaps you could also knit a scarf  or an afghan if you rocked for a really really long time.

It must be a sort of loom that is powered by your rocking.  I can think of all sorts of applications but I won’t be ordering one anytime soon. Perhaps you can look into this for that certain someone you have trouble buying for at Christmas time.

It may not be quite as tech-savvy as the iRock rocking chair – which charges your iPad as you rock – but you do get a hat at the end of the process. Clearly, rocking chairs are set to be the discerning gadget fan’s furniture of choice.  (Maybe not)

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