Sleeping in the deep freeze


I don’t know about global warming.

It doesn’t seemed to have reached Mississippi yet.  We are experiencing some of our coldest temperatures in recent memory, and it’s hanging around for days to come.

The temperature got down to 14 last night and predictions are for single digits on Thursday and Friday.

I got a taste of what many segments of our society are facing with the depressed economy, high energy costs and even homelessness.  Well, I didn’t lose my house, but I did lose my heat.

On Saturday morning as I piddled around the house,  a shrill whistle begin to circulate throughout the place.  At first I thought it was the computer, then I discovered the mind-blowing sound was in stereo – it was coming from every single heating register in my house.

I ran outside and it was blaring through the neighborhood.  Afraid the unit was burning up, I cut off the thermostat and began the long wait to get a repairman on a holiday weekend.  Wasn’t going to happen -so I spent 48 long hours without heat.  I had two worthless gas-log fireplaces but you can’t feel their heat more than 18 inches away.

With 12 foot ceilings in my house, the only warm place was on the top of a very tall ladder.

Lucky Dawg, Rebel and I huddled in my big old recliner with a pint- sized electric blanket and shivered the night away.  On Sunday, I went to church two hours early just to get warm.

Finally my trusty repairman returned to town and showed up on Monday morning.  The fan in the motor had blown its top  – seems to happen every year!

heil Listen, don’t ever buy a Heil, but I think I’ve told you that before.  Maintaining a Heil is like sending a kid to college.

You just don’t appreciate some things until you lose them.  When that heat came back on I felt the earth shift on its axis.

I’m wondering about those poor people in North Dakota!  And I’ve been thinking a lot about the homeless and folks who can’t afford adequate heat.  Also, I worry about all the homeless animals wandering around looking for shelter.

It’s enough to break your heart and so overwhelming, I don’t know where to start to offer aid. I guess I can start by checking that little block on my electric bill which adds a few bucks to help the less fortunate with their heating bills.

Does anyone else know how to make a difference?  And where is this global warming everyone is talking about?

One thought on “Sleeping in the deep freeze

  1. i agree emily, there are so many in need of a helping hand. great idea to help with heating.
    at a west point board meeting months ago someone gave the number of people that had checked that box on their electric bill. i’m afraid to rely on my memory and give a number but it was unbelievably low…low double digits, i beleive. Hopefully your mention of it will inspire more to sign up. atmos energy has a place for helping hands as well. our food pantries are also in constant need of donations as are our animal shelters. one person really can make a difference whether it is with a few dollars or a little bit of our time. sometime we just need to be reminded. thanks!

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