Sleepless in Starkville


I don’t think I slept a wink last night.  Some college kids down the block were having  huge block party and they wandered up and down the street, laughing, shouting and just generally being college kids on a Saturday night.

Such shenanigans are okay by me – after all, I was once a college coed myself.  I finally gave up and went out back to watch the moon make its way across the western sky and do some serious “thinking.”

According to Wikipedia, the human brain produces approximately 70,000 thoughts on an average day.  I had most of mine this morning sitting out back.

offendedbh0 I was puzzling over my reaction to a perfect stranger yesterday.  I was in Copy Cow, dropping off a postcard reminder for a family reunion.  A woman interrupted with a very loud “Scuse Me.” She reached across my shoulder to pick up a business card.

I glared at her.  If looks could kill, I would be incarcerated in some federal prison about now.  Wonder why I was so offended.

Don’t we all look for opportunities to be offended?  Someone curses, someone sneezes too loudly, someone expresses a point of view diabolically opposed to our own…you name it, our peace is shattered for the moment.

Being offended results in resentment and hostility and pumps the venom through our systems, doing its poisonous damage long after being bitten by the snake.

Then the answer came to me.  Powerful, joyful, loving thoughts stem from the willingness to let the world be just as it is.  I’m going to try that today, but first I’ve got to get a nap.

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