Smells of summer

mint 002

On a whim, I hung a basket containing spearmint and red basil at my back door the other day. 

Now I am greeted by the most wonderful aromas as I come and go.

It’s also very easy to reach out for a clipping when I brew my tea or make a salad.  Since both herbs benefit from frequent harvesting, I pluck them freely.

Incidentally, in Greek mythology, mint was considered the herb of hospitality. 

Basil has a story too

Cultivated for over 2000 years, basil symbolizes love. At one time young girls would place some on their windowsill to indicate they were looking for a suitor. (Please note, mine is NOT on the windowsill.)

In Tudor times, small pots of this were given by farmers’ wives to visitors as parting gifts. It is also reputed that any man will fall in love with a woman from whom he accepts some basil as a gift.

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