Garden tips from the neighbors

david and brenda 012

I have the greatest neighbors. Of course, we don’t see each other for like  six months between November and April, but once that black period has passed we meet in the garden every day.

David, at right, is creating a very unique garden – you can see his muscadine vine trellis out back which he fashioned from posts supporting bed springs. BED SPRINGS! Yes.  Old re-salvaged bed springs like you see in the landfill.

What he’s doing here, is stuffing old two-liter soft drink bottles into his tomato beds.  He adds a bit of dirt and waters them instead of his plants. Helps out during dry periods.

His wife Brenda is a connoisseur of all things old.  She  owns the Merle Norman Studio in my town and  the adjoining Alma’s Attic, a gift shop you don’t want to miss if you ever visit our neck of the woods.


David, Brenda and Lucky, at left, are pictured beside his great-grand father’s corn husker.  Note Brenda is wearing her favorite earmuffs!  That was two days ago.  Now it’s 75 degrees at 9 p.m. and we’re sitting out back fanning our selves with paper plates.

I’m wondering if we’ll ever be  normal again.

Below is the stained glass window Brenda and David designed, constructed and installed in their guest bath window.  Amazing. david and brenda 015

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