So many weeds, so little time


Shirley, my garden “Mama” reminds me every day to go out and kick down the bamboo invading my garden.

It’s like a purge this time of the year, as its ugly fingers seek to consume any space in its path.  It runs two miles an hour easy!

The bamboo was the gift of a former neighbor who planted it along the border between my house and hers. What was she thinking? She’s gone, but her bamboo is eating me alive.

This stuff travels under ground and pops up miles away – eating up the  very little real estate that I own.

bamboo-forest I’ve tried to burn it, eat it, and make placemats out of it. It just keeps coming.  I squirted it with Round Up and it just laughed at me.

I could throw salt on it, but hate to kill its kinder neighbors.

It lends new meaning to the word “aggressive.” One stalk grew  five feet since yesterday morning! 

If anyone knows how to get rid of this stuff, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “So many weeds, so little time

  1. When it finally rains, you will need to stand back as the growth will increase wildly!! I cut between 5-10 shoots daily at this time.——-but I know that they will stop in about a month. Mine was planted over 50 years ago so it has an excellent root system running under all of my back garden.

    Shirley D.

  2. Emily,
    We have invading bamboo at our farm. I’ve tried everything and finally called the county agent. I have the materials somewhere, but will have to look for them. In the meantime, call your county agent and see what he tells you. You may end up having to become “friends” with someone who has a license to obtain this type of chemical(s) to kill it. Good luck. If you still have difficulty after talking to your agent, let me know, and I’ll try to find my materials on the subject.

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