So, Mr. Weatherman, where’s our snow!?


Only in my dreams…

Once again, the weatherman messed up.  He’s been talking all week about a major snow event and even predicted Starkville would be covered with a blanket of white stuff when we woke up this morning.

I got up three times in the night just to peek outside in hopes of seeing a winter wonderland.  Nada.  About 9 a.m. the white stuff began to fall, but it melted as soon as it hit the ground.


The newsman just announced that every state in the union had snow today.  Apparently, ours blew south.

The Clarion Ledger reports the Jackson area has recorded its largest snow in 50 years.

As of 11 a.m., Meteorologist Daniel Lamb said Jackson officially had 4.3 inches of snow in the ground.

“There have been some higher totals in this area,” he said. “There was one report of 6.5 inches just north of Brandon.”

I’m sure the folks in Washington and New York would gladly send some of theirs our way.

Speculators say there is a “snow guard” which protects the Golden Triangle from the white stuff. We need protection, but hey, protect us from the criminals, not an innocent little snow day!

There’s something very exciting about preparing to be snowed in.  And I have great memories of the 60s (see photo above)  when the snow would visit at least once a year and we would frolic endlessly, building snowmen and having snow fights.

So, another snowless winter is brewing in my part of the world.  Maybe next week.

2 thoughts on “So, Mr. Weatherman, where’s our snow!?

  1. Emily, we had snow all day and night on Thursday ,and it continued until about 9 Friday morning. We had about 5 to 6 inches which is very rare for Shreveport. We are also told that the mountains in Arkansas and the Gulf of Mexico keep us from getting snow, It seems to get to the Texas/ LA state line and can get no farther. It has all melted now of course, but was beautiful for a day or so.

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