So, what skills do you possess?

changing tire

I was reading a news item in the paper this morning that noted a majority of Americans know how to download a song on their I-Pod, but can’t change a flat tire.  Well, I should win a prize, because I can’t do either.

ipot Over the last few decades, the world has become a drastically different place . . . and we’ve been forced to develop an entirely new set of skills to deal with those changes.  I wouldn’t be computer literate today if I hadn’t taken a part-time job at the local newspaper after I retired.  (And I’m still not all that literate.)

But just because we’re developing NEW skills . . . does that mean we should completely disregard the OLD ones?  In a recent survey seven out of ten people know how to sign up for a Facebook account and 92 percent know how to send a text message.  Yet only a fraction of those surveyed know how to bake a cake!

More shocking still, one in three people don’t know how to tie a necktie and more than half of adults don’t know how to change a flat tire.

Well, I’m still 0 for 4.  Can’t even bake a cake unless it’s from a mix.  But I can read a book doggone it.  Bet most of those Facebooking, Ipoding people haven’t read a book in the past five years.

There you go.  Everything is relative.

2 thoughts on “So, what skills do you possess?

  1. Haven’t changed a tire in a while. One really needs to always carry an old apron and an old long sleeved shirt to prevent dirt getting from the tire to the clean clothing underneath. The only way I can lift a full tire is to hold it against my body…thus the dirt.

    What I allllways forget is to loosen the lug nuts BEFORE levitating (sp) the vehicle with the jack. Otherwise, you’ve got no traction for the lever to work against as the lugs will move with the rotation of the tire that will occur when you try to apply torque to the lugs with the jack. Then, you have to lower the vehicle back down, and pump it up again AFTER you’ve loosened all the nuts — not my favorite form of exercise!

    Other than bake a cake, haven’t done any of that other stuff, but maybe have sucessfully tied a tie, just don’t remember.

    Yes, things have REALLY changed ALOT!


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