I’m thinking the Meal Measure all over again

Several weeks ago I made gentle fun of a gizmo that I charged would be a dust collector. It was called the “Meal Measure.” Of course, the only reason I was introduced to this item was because I am always looking for ways to eat healthier. I failed to mention that.

Plus, since I’m fifty something and still have problems controlling my weight, it would be criminal to let this gizmo collect dust.

Today I received a note from the inventor who had a wonderful story, and I feel really sheepish. I would like to make it up to her. Here’s what she wrote:

Hi Emily,

I am the inventor of the Meal Measure. I had a very unusual dream about 2 years ago. I woke up, drew what I had dream’t, put it in a drawer, and forgot about it for nine months.

You don’t look like you need to be concerned about your portions (boy is she wrong about that), which is fantastic. I on the other hand did go through a long diet and was really tired of using my scale and measuring cup. I think this dream came to me because I asked for it. I was looking for something better in my life and this came along.

I have never been in business before. I am not used to stepping out of my comfort zone. My job as a teacher’s aide was safe. But I needed something different, to make a difference. You seem like a lovely person who has fun doing what you love. I commend you for that. I am now doing something I love. I have something people in this overweight country can use. It is an effort to lose weight and keep it off. If I can make it one step easier then that’s what it is all about. Thanks for reading my email.

Patty Cocchiarella ( click below to see more )


Now, isn’t that a wonderful story? Maybe we should all be listening to our dreams. And maybe I shouldn’t be so critical.

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