Sometimes you just want life to be a rerun


You come in out of the garden – weeding, pruning, cursing – and wonder why in the world you want to live in Mississippi in the summer. The heat index was 105 and it felt like 125. 

You hit  the chair and relax to the tune of the AC, then realize there is an Andy Griffith marathon on TV.  Suddenly life is looking up.  The network running the marathon has finally sprung for some really old episodes – the ones with Barney Fife and Opie as a preschooler.  The colorized versions don’t compare.

First_Episode_Aunt_Bee_10101 I love those old episodes where Aunt Bee is about 50 years old, especially the one where she cures Otis of his alcoholism. And the one where Rafe Hillister sings in the Musicale.

I  love the one where Barney is trying to catch a shoplifter in the local department store.  He climbs into a mid-evil suit of armor. Someone stands beside him smoking a cigarette and he begins to choke and almost explodes.  I laugh so hard I cry.

That was wonderful comedy – not the nasty, crude stuff  of this century.  I’m just grateful some station is willing to run the reruns. ‘

Braddock gave me the complete library of the Mary Tyler Moore show last Christmas.  I think tonight, I will watch it.

11 thoughts on “Sometimes you just want life to be a rerun

  1. My husband and I agree with you totally. We love watching the old shows, especially The Andy Griffith Show. There is a beautiful lesson embedded in every show.

  2. Andy Griffith is my all time favorite!
    Do you remember (I hope I have remembered correctly!) that Andy and Tom Are roomed together in college at some point….or a music camp or something!

    And Mayberry looks alot like West Point in the 50’s and 60’s!

    Stay cool,

  3. My favorite “Andy” is the one where Aunt Bea makes the horrible pickles and they have to eat all of them. Just can’t beat these shows. Life was good back then. Once you start watching them, you can’t stop.

  4. Wait now, who is Tom? And yes, Mayberry and West Point remind me a lot of each other – without Andy and Barney of course. But we had Barnes Marshall (playing Andy I guess).

  5. Yes Paula, I watched that one yesterday. In all I watched 14 episodes during the marathon this weekend on TLC…actually saw a few I don’t remember – that was a thrill. I hated to go to bed!

  6. Living in an area where I’ve recently heard that over 150 languages are spoken, I’m amazed at the diversity of the people who say they watch that program. It just has an almost universal appeal.

    Another one that may surprize you is PBS’s re-run’s of the old Lawrence Welk programs. I have friends from Argentina, and the husband’s favorite program is Lawrence Welk, but then, he’s an accordian player.

    One day I was watching the fund raising campaign on PBS, and the kids in the phone bank were all Asian students from the Buddist club. When asked what their favorite PBS program was, to the last one, they said, “Lawrence Welk.” I don’t think that was cool in the 60’s, but big band sure is in now.

    Programming nowadays is so weird, that whenever Mom’s up in the den, I have to put things on like the cooking channel, the golf or other sporting events, or the HGTV, I think it is, to keep something with human violence or fires or floods off the screen. Oh, and she hates talking heads for some reason, so news is out, and even the “heads” on sports channels. Cuz

  7. I haven’t caught Lawrence Welk – but have you seen the DoWop show that PBS runs periodically as a fund raiser. Fabulous old groups from the 50s and 60s. They look old but still sound the same.

  8. Em,
    Yep, think I’ve seen that one, unless it’s a new one. A friend up in NYC posted to my support group that she was thoroughly enjoying that programming. I’d hoped to be able to find a repeat showing of it, but just got to doing other things, and didn’t look.

    Besides, the tv in the bedroom here hasn’t been hooked back up to the digital converter thingie in a long time. I’d previously unhooked it because I couldn’t get Nightline’s channel with that thing hooked up when it first came out. Now, I’m missing both that and the cute weather guy’s forecasts on the other network affiliate since nothing works back there unless I hook that little box up again.

    Besides, I dropped my new computer glasses in their case behind the tv stand, and now, my neck is beginning to hurt from trying to get more power out of my regular glasses while doing this computer stuff.

    You’d think that would be motivation enough, wouldn’t you? Too much else going on right now. That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it! Cuz

  9. Of course Olivia! I thought you had a typo in your response – Tom are whatever. Didn’t get it at all. I never heard about his connection with Andy. Is Tom still living do you think?

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