Somewhere over the rainbow

In a world of turmoil, where war is raging, roadside bombs are exploding and the U. S. economy is imploding, there is a place far from the maddening crowds where people still come together for some good old fashioned fun. I saw it today and it was magnificent.

It reminded me of an episode from Andy Griffith where the good people of Mayberry decided to hold a concert in the town’s little park. Their purpose was to slow down and reorder their lives.

That theme repeated itself today when a little town in Mississippi held a concert in the park – the first of many. It featured local musicians. The sense of “community” was riding high… …and it was spectacular. Two Groups of gospel singers – one from the Baptist Church and the other from the Methodist Church held a sort of battle of the quartets. Only there was no blood – they each performed old favorites dating to a century ago, then came together to show what can happen when Baptists and Methodists join forces. Who’d a thunk it.

They sang old favorites like “Turn on the Radio,” “Beulah Land,” and “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” I got chills.

As we picked up our folding chairs to head home, I was amused by my friend Jimmy Wood who kept greeting everyone with the prefix “Cousin” – only it sounded like “Coudin.”

“Why do you call everyone that,” I asked.

“Well most of them are cousins to some degree,” he responded. He was dragging back a rocking chair he borrowed from the front porch of the only family in town he wasn’t directly related to.

Yeah. Things aren’t all that bad in this world.

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  1. Can we please have lunch? I need your advice as I re-enter the newspaper world?!? Been meaning to contact you since I started back in February!
    Have a good one.
    Kristen Stevens, DTL

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