Space cadet orbits Amory


For the second time in four days, I’ve been lost in the Twilight Zone.

It first happened on Saturday when my girl friends and I attempted a trip to Meridian and got lost trying to get home.  I charged it off to lack of attention since we were all talking ninety to nothing and all the correct exits passed us by. We also got some very bad directions from some redneck truckers with a wicked sense of humor.

But now, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something more disturbing at play here.  Today I attempted to travel to Amory, Mississippi, where I’ve been many times.  Monroe County – one of the top 3 million most fabulous destinations in the world.

It’s a mere 50 minute drive from my home to my cousin’s house in Amory.  Suddenly I spotted a water tower I’d never seen before and noticed Tupelo in the distance. That’s not supposed to be there.

I called my cousin and he told me how to get back on the right course – though we’d already gone many miles OFF course.

After my visit, I headed back to Starkville.  I was driving along all copasetic and all, enjoying the redbuds and dogwoods, when suddenly I spotted the same damn water tower I’d seen four hours earlier.

Yes siree.  I’d made a big ole 65 mile circle and ended up where I’d last lost my place.  I called my cousin again and he suggested I just return to Amory and spend the night.

None of this would have been so bad except, the news of my departure into la la land beat me home.  Norma called me a minute ago and said she heard I’d been lost in space.  WHAT!?  How could she possibly know.

Her brother Larry is friends with my cousin Glen and he apparently called everyone in Amory to tell them about his dipstick cousin who had spent the day orbiting Amory.

The moral of this story is…you can’t get away with nothin’ in Mississippi.  Everyone including your Daddy will know what you’ve been up to by supper time.

Oh, by the way, my Daddy was with me.

5 thoughts on “Space cadet orbits Amory

  1. I’m taking up money to buy you a GSP for your 50-12 birthday.
    Do you think this will help?

  2. Hey, that is supposed to be a GPS or had you rather have
    a “Blueberry”?

  3. Its a Mississippi thing:

    I once left Columbus to go to Tupelo, and got as far as Aberdeen then found myself almost in West Point. Still don’t know how it happened!

    Get into the Caledonia area and there a myriad of little country roads without a single sign-post at any of the junctions.

    Its like Britain in the second world war when they took down the sign posts to confuse the Germans if they linvaded !!

  4. That’s hilarious. I was coming home from Hattiesburg with my friend Putt and we ended up in Eufala, Ala.
    Then last week I was trying to get home from Meridian and before I knew what was happening, sign said next stop was Butler, Ala.

    I bet you they are trying to fool the Yankees!

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