Spending the day with Martha Stewart

Like her or not, I will be spending Saturday with Martha Stewart – well, at least five or six hours. While she’s a little over the top for me, I’m looking forward to our visit.( Anyone who insists on making marshmallows from scratch is way too compulsive for my taste. )

I won’t be on her show or anything like that. I’ll be driving with her to Nashville as I tune in to the Martha Stewart network. She’s my least favorite host of the parade of experts who conduct hourly shows. I usually take a lunch break when she comes on. She’s always running her mixer while she talks and you can’t hear her. I often wonder if she’s actually making anything or just pretending – who would know; It’s radio.

I’ll time my trip to coordinate with Sandy Gluck who hosts a show she calls “Chew on This.” it is a very informative talk show where she discusses little known cooking methods for common foods. That is followed by my absolute favorite program – “Use it up.” It’s for people like me who can’t stand to throw anything away but don’t have a clue what to do with six aging strawberries or a 1/4 pound of Stilton cheese.

They are followed by Andrew Beckman, a master gardener. This may be the day I actually call in and chat with the host – depends on how bored I get.

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