Spring is here in Mississippi


I know it may snow and sleet next week but today spring was all around in Starkvegas.

About 4 p.m. I decided to take Lucky Dawg and Rebel for a walk around the neighborhood and I made three new friends.  Toby was one I’ve been wanting to meet – he’s a landscaper who is back here getting a Ph.d in geno-something. He bought the old home three doors up from me and put in a wonderful perennial garden in front of his house.

That was two years ago and I never reached out.  Shame on me.

Before we knew it we were sharing cuttings and he came down and staked out some daisies to dig in my garden. Meanwhile Ray Slaughter, an old friend, came moseying by and told me about his recent heart surgery. We are the same age and we made a pact to start walking together when real spring arrives.

Lastly, a MSU student walked by with a bulldog that could be Rebel’s brother. Her name is Carmine and she is coming back to have a play date with Rebel. 

Isn’t it wonderful living in the south where people are still like Mayberry.  Maybe it’s just spring in the air, but I’m so glad to live in Mississippi.

5 thoughts on “Spring is here in Mississippi

  1. Well…I have to defend my neighborhood right here in the Middle of the Desert of Southern California…Spring is here 6 months and summer the other times., but most of all we live in a community build around a circle. There is 28 homes in our Circle and we all know each other. Each morning, starting about 5AM until 9AM, there are walkers who stop and greet and talk about what is where and who is doing it…We have this great circle of friends and as far as I know, no one dislikes anyone…Life is good…so other than Mississipi thre are friendly people. I know that our circle has our share of nice neighbors that care for and respect each other. By the way….My Partner, Dr. Gass, at the age of 56 is the youngest member of our community. I’m glad I’m from Mississippi, but happy that I livfe in Southern California, where it’s spring 9 months of the year.

  2. A delightful view of our wonderful town!! I feel sorry for the people who don’t get to live here. But, I don’t want too many people to know about us as the world may want to move here——–and, we have enough traffic! Just think how long it takes you to drive to Wal-Mart!

    Shirley D.

  3. Greetings – Friday 25 – Sun is out – birds in my yard
    at the Lakes, trying their best to pull a worm from
    the ground. Squirrels running up and down the fence.
    Could it be we have an early Spring ?????
    Next week when it snows I’ll remember this day.
    Read all your columns and now web site. You are just
    delightful. Cheers – Mol

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