Spring: Time to balance the ‘internal tires’


If my source is correct, spring will descend on Starkville, Mississippi at 12:32 p.m.  The changing of the seasons is always a good time to examine where you’ve been and where you’re going.


Just when I was about to give up on my dreams, God led me to the words I needed to year.  Wayne Dye’s little book “Being in Balance” literally fell off my bookcase and conked me on the head.

It reminded me that until I balance my daily habits with my dreams, I am on a treadmill to nowhere.  I will never hike the Appalachian Trail unless I get up off the sofa and drag myself to the track.  My garden will continue to look like Fred Sanford’s place if I don’t get out there and clean it up.

Here are Dyers suggestions to get you started on this “balancing act.”

* Leave your ego outside and focus on others – emanating peaceful thoughts.  Recite in your head the words of St. Francis “Make me an instrument of thy peace.”  Keep them in the front of your brain all day long and especially before becoming snippy with someone.  He promises you will become exactly what you think and peace will replace stress and misery.

* Slow down.  There’s more to life than making it go faster! Extend this slowed down perspective in your community and even with strangers.  Make a deliberate effort to give someone your place in line rather than hurrying to be first. Consciously drive at a relaxed pace rather than in a frenzy to get somewhere two minutes sooner. Take time to offer genuine compliments.

These are a few ways to begin the process of realignment.  You’ll become more compassionate without trying to be, simply because you’ve aligned your inner world with your desire to be in balance.

“You’ll find that your body will feel more in balance as you pursue this glorious quest, as it will experience fewer symptoms of stress,” states Dyer. “Your body weight will adjust to the optimal level as you return to a state of perfect equilibrium.”

Hmmm. I like that thought.  So if you see me wandering around town with a goofy smile on my face, I’m practicing being an instrument of peace.


Here’s the beautiful prayer attributed to St. Francis who incidentally is the patron saint of animals.  It is worth reviewing each day before you rush into another day and another season.

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace;
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon:
where there is doubt, faith ;
where there is despair, hope
where there is darkness, light
where there is sadness, joy
O divine Master,
grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood, as to understand;
to be loved, as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

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