Springing forward causes consternation

Little ben clock 001

When I retired from the 9-5 work-a-day world, I vowed to never be ruled by the clock again.

True to my plan, I retired my watch and every clock in the house i.e. the oven which hasn’t been reset since the great power black-out of 2007, the DVD player (which I don’t know how to reset), and the digital clock on my coffee maker. 

But my “little Ben” clock, a gift from the Mississippi Restaurant Association when I retired, sits atop my kitchen cabinets and has been ticking away for 13 years without a single battery change. I live in an old house with 12-foot ceilings and I have to borrow a ladder to get up there and change it when we spring forward or fall back. 

Last year, I just never got it done.  My one and only clock has been an hour fast since last October.  When I took the photo just now, It was actually 7:43 a.m.

I just mentally deduct an hour and go about my business. Now, I learn that today we go back to daylight saving time.

That means my clock will be correct again and I’ll probably be an hour late to every function I attend. I’m a creature of habit and will probably continue to make the mental time adjustment.

All this reminds me of my grandmother who HATED daylight savings time and refused to observe it.  We had to break our necks to get to her house in Prentiss by 10 a.m. for dinner. Supper was at 4 p.m.  and to hell with the rest of the world. 

In those days, we called Lunch, Dinner, and Dinner, Supper.  Wonder why that changed – bet it was that pesky DST.

Mama Lee thought daylight saving time was a plot concocted by the Russians, even though I read somewhere that Benjamin Franklin was the first to propose the idea.  I’m not crazy about it either.  I feel guilty if I retire to my easy chair before dark.  So I’ll keep puttering about for another hour before finally getting to relax and retreat to a good murder mystery.

I say, “down with DST.”  Let’s go back to living in REAL time, when you can sit in the front porch swing at twilight and watch the lightening bugs.   DST makes twilight bedtime for me!

One thought on “Springing forward causes consternation

  1. I’ve noticed over the years that our employees get confused by the Spring forward aspect of DST and are often late for work, but they seem to understand the Fall back and are never early. It makes you wonder.

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