Spud died – may he rest in peace

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Above is Spud’s replacement -presented by Martha McHaney.  I’m calling him Drew Brees, because he’s The Man!

Several weeks ago, I bragged about my bread baking venture using a sour dough starter gifted me by my neighbor.  I named it “Spud” because it was like a pet and dined on potato flakes.

It had to be fed, massaged and allowed to rest just like a human.  Sometimes I had to get up at 3 a.m. to perform the prescribed instructions to keep him viable.  While I was in Shreveport, Spud died. I froze one of his babies, but not sure it will “incubate.”

Spud is still in the fridge because I can’t bring myself to dump him down the drain.  He gave me such pleasure while he was living.

Along comes my friend, Martha, who said I was nuts to jump through all these hoops.  She had a fool-proof recipe for homemade bread that you mix up, don’t even knead and it can hang out in the fridge for 14 days without even needing a kiss! (No shugah in this recipe!)

Best of all, I can dump the ingredients into my bread maker and forget it.

She arrived in Starkville yesterday bearing a loaf of her wonderful bread along with the recipe, albeit a bit sketchy.

Here’s the recipe – I may go on line to see if there are more complete instructions, but here’s what she does: Mixes in a 5 quart bowl that has a lid – if it doesn’t have a lid she said it will escape and take you hostage like Spud – the following ingredients:

3 cups lukewarm water

1-1/2 Tablespoon  granulated yeast (2 packets)

1-1/2 Tablespoon kosher or other coarse salt

6-1/2 cups unsifted, unbleached white flour (I’m trying it with at least half whole wheat)

Refrigerate the mixture at least three hours, then you can start baking bread at your leisure – loaves, rolls, whatever. The rest will keep for 14 days – if the edges begin to harden, just toss them in the trash.

Place any amount you like into your pans and bake 40 minutes at 450 degrees.

I love this idea and, of course, I will experiment with my flax seeds and other interesting ingredients like Parmesan cheese and herbs. I’m a happy homemaker again! Thanks Martha.

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  1. Hmmm. It does. She actually told me she only cooks her bread for about 15 minutes because her oven doesn’t work right. Martha, you listening?

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