“Spying” on your children


I’ve heard that many of you boomers keep up with your children and grandchildren by reading their entries on Facebook. Me, too.  I just logged onto Braddock’s blog, www.outdoorblogging.com and did a little innocent “spying.” Glad to know he’s not out on the icy roads which developed in  Mississippi overnight.

He wrote last night:

“North Mississippi is in the midst of a huge ice storm. I can already see my power line starting to droop, the loss of power seems a certainty. The only thing standing between me and a frosty demise is my Morso 1410 (pictured) and a cord of well seasoned oak. I can’t convey how satisfying it is to have a well stocked pantry and a roaring fire while this wintry assault rages outside.”

Hmmm, well stocked pantry you say?  Maybe I’ll move over to his house when my power goes out.

2 thoughts on ““Spying” on your children

  1. Emily—-thanks for alerting us to Braddock’s blog. Even though my fishing and pioneering experiences have been limited, I found it quite entertaining.


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