Square foot gardening didn’t work for me.

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For weeks I’ve been avoiding driving down Montgomery Street because my garden looks so dreary and untidy.  Luckily I live on a corner so I take the side street whenever I need to go anywhere.

Weeds have taken over my once beautiful perennial bed out front and dead leaves and beer cans had moved in.  (My yard has been designated by the MSU student body  as the closest depository.

After I posted a piece yesterday on what do do in the garden in February, I motivated myself to actually get out and do something.

I measured my perennial garden and went back inside and did some math (it’s easier to garden inside).  I figured that if I weeded only one square foot per day,  I could have it all neat and tidy and ready to receive the tender sprouts of my monarda, cone flowers, daisies and phlox when they begin to emerge late next month.

I got on my new rubber boots – just like the ones I had in grammar school – and pulled on my freshly washed garden gloves. I armed myself with spade, trowel, bag for the debris, and a cup of green tea (this is called a two-fer – get healthy and do your gardening at the same time). I marched out to the perennial bed ready to do my square foot for the day.

As I knelt down to begin the process, what would appear on the very square inch I had targeted, but a dead squirrel!  Eau, eau, eau.  I screamed and raced back inside.

I won’t be able to begin my square foot gardening until I can find someone to remove the body.  Drat.  Why me?

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