Starting the new year the ADD way


I’ve suspected for decades that I suffer from attention deficit disorder.  A cursory trip through my home confirms the diagnosis.


There are oodles of little projects in some stage of incompletion.  Luckily I have an impressive bank of cabinets where these bits and pieces can be stashed on a moments notice and where they will likely remain until the second coming of Christ (like the unfinished rug as left which I began in 1981,)

I’m a week late starting my New Years transformation because I was unconscious for the first seven days of the year due to systemic poisoning.  Some doctor in Jackson decided I was having way too much fun and he decided to take me back down to the fetal position.  Ironically, I feel born again and ready for anything.

Therefore, I’m declaring each Thursday  in 2013  “Transformation Thursday” and that gives me 52 days to get this home purged of unwanted clutter and unidentified objects so I can breathe again.


Today I tackle my utensil drawers because they will no longer shut after my sons gave me all new silverware and 12-piece knife set, each in its only tiny scabbard.

I must part with at least two can openers, a dozen other utensils which I’ve never used and a hodge-podge of cake decorations I thought I might want to muster into active duty someday.  That little golf cart from Daddy’s 85th birthday cake must go.  Ditto for the wooden letters I was saving to write an anonymous letter I guess. Those bunny napkin holders are getting on my nerves and I don’t use napkins holders any longer anyway.

That’s the thing about illness. The future no longer looms out there in eternal perpetuity.  Time gets instantly condensed down to day-tight compartments.

Here’s how to play  “transformationThursday” with me:

1)  Select one cabinet, drawer or closet.

2)  Remove everything and give away or toss what you don’t recognize or secretly hate (Today I’m in my closet and I’m pitching anything scratchy, yellow beige  or outdated like those elephant pants I bought on sale – they make me look like an elephant)

3)  Move anything that doesn’t belong in that repository to a more logical location – Why is my mother’s coffee service in the guest coat closet?  From now on, only coats, hats and scarves are allowed in that closet.

4)Pat yourself on the back if you completed the task for this Thursday.  If you’ve been distracted and find yourself under the bed flushing out  (what was it again you were looking for?), take a coffee break and try to come back to the original project for at least 15 minutes. That’s it for another week.  Can’t wait for Miracle Monday which is going to be even more rewarding.


6 thoughts on “Starting the new year the ADD way

  1. Moving next door to you required a major “clean out” and then the move to Arkansas took it to another level. Pretty soon, I will only own things I use…well maybe not too soon, but I’ve almost gotten the garage back. I did it 15 minutes at a time thanks to one of your blogs! AND I have nothing in my attic.

  2. I am friends with Chet McLemore and Tom Gass. We live in Fawnskin California
    Chet set me up with your blog about 3 yrs. ago I and wanted to tell you how
    MUCH I enjoy reading them. I check my e-mail every evening looking to see
    what you have to say. So I guess I will clean out kitchen drawers today.
    They need it. Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Hi Donna. Happy to know you and thank you for tuning in. I’m still waiting for Chet to invite me out for a visit. But in my old age I’ve developed a phobia about flying – must take a slow train.

  4. you are invited. Nothing would Tom and I like more than to have you as a guest for a week. Bring Olivera with you. I am much to old to let her ride on my shoulders, but what the hell…we would all have a great time. Get Mary Carr to come out too. Helen visited wlith us for two years and this Feb. she has rented a condo right in the middle of Palm Springs. This place grows under your skin. I’d even take you up to Fawnskin !

  5. On “Miracle Monday” I have something else to do. “Terriffic Tues.” is tennis, if it doesn’t rain. “Wacky Wed.” my Aberdeen(used to be) Birthday group are coming over for Taco Soup (yes, I know it seems to be the only kind I know how to make) and opening presents we probably don’t need. “Transition Thurs.” is tennis again. “Fab Fri.” just might be the day if I can’t find something better to do. Well everyone knows you can’t start anything on the weekend. Sooooooooo.
    Love ya, JC

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