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For the 100th time, I’m rereading David Yount’s wonderful book entitled “Spiritual Simplicity.”  It is always beside my bed so I can pick it up when I’m feeling frustrated, or even just blah. 

It doesn’t take but a few pages to get me back on track.  Yesterday – being Labor Day and all – I just lounged around the didn’t do much except bemoan the sad state of my home.  I renovated it 13 years ago and it’s beginning to look tired and overstuffed. (Like me – that fried Snicker Bar at Prairie Arts is still haunting me.)


In Chapter Two, David (I feel I know him so well we are on a first name basis) suggests we adopt the Shaker wisdom of simplicity, creating blank spaces to allow us to become more creative and allow good things to flow in.

He suggests that we make an inventory of our lives.  What are the things that are driving you crazy or taking up more time and energy than they are worth?  How can they be simplified or eliminated altogether?

For me, it is shopping – I buy “things” that I don’t need to impress people I barely know,” to quote Dave Ramsey.  So, I’ve placed a 30-day moratorium on ANY new purchases.  (Oh Lordy, the economy will slide even further downward.)

Next, David advises to make an inventory of your mind.  Uh-oh.  What habits, preoccupations, and prejudices are scattering your energies?  Write them down and burn the paper.  What are your real priorities – the persons and things that currently give you pleasure.  Write them down and keep that paper posted prominently. 

Then list activities you have never had the time to try because you were preoccupied with unsatisfying activities and relationships. 

Now!  You have time for them!

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