Stupid news is welcome relief


News junkie that I am, I’ve sworn off using my television as background noise.  I’ve had it up to here with hearing the same old news day in, day out.  The stock market is up.  The stock market is down … bla, bla, bla.  So here’s some news you probably haven’t heard.


Times are tough. We all know it. But just because you can’t afford shoe polish . . . that doesn’t mean you need to be walking around with scuffed-up shoes.

In fact, all you really need to do is find another, cheaper product which will shine your shoes just as well as regular polish . . . like a BANANA PEEL. Seriously.

Bananas contain natural oils and potassium . . . which are both common ingredients in shoe polish.


According to experts, about ONE in FIVE Americans are considered “lonely”. So why should you care?

Because researchers at the University of Chicago have found that loneliness can trigger all kinds of unfortunate bodily responses, including:

#1.) Raising your blood pressure.

#2.) Releasing a stress hormone . . . called Cortisol . . . which makes you gain weight.

#3.) Weakening your immune system.

#4.) Screwing with your sleeping habits.

#5.) Making you depressed.

And listen to this: Overall, the health difference between a lonely person and a popular person is similar to the health difference between a smoker and a non-smoker. 

And the best news of all

Today is National Chocolate Covered Cashew Day.  Since I like both, that’s fine by me.

So there. You know the rest of the story.

8 thoughts on “Stupid news is welcome relief

  1. Hi there, Cuz,

    It’s lonely here, even though my mother can still communicate a little, but that’s gone down quite a bit lately.
    Right now, I’m missing having someone close to me here to share in the decision making about my future, particularly since I’m soon going to have to make some decisions regarding where I’m going to live once I’m no longer a caregiver. I’m a planner far in advance — whether I follow through is another question, but usually I do.
    I would like to think that I’m still physically capable of doing the things I used to be able to do in terms of repairs to get the house in shape, etc., but lately, I’ve become acutely aware of physical decline. Problem is that no one can predict how quickly limitations will come — thus the problems with decision making at this juncture of almost being 62. Being alone makes it that much more complicated.
    Then there are those economic decisions, like whether or not to start social security payouts at 62 yrs old or wait til later. I hear the pros and cons, but can’t figure out what is best in my situation, largely due to not being able to predict things like health, strength, and longevity.
    It just seems to help me realize how alone in the world I am when I realize I may have to depend on strangers (males) to help me move from the house some day when I’m not really ready to give up the house, and may not even be in control of the situation. That scares me, for some reason, and it’s just nice to have someone to share the experience with, at least.
    Anyone else going through this?

  2. Girl, you are in great shape – swimming and eating no gluten. You could run circles around me. Don’t you dare give in to old age. It’s just a number. Remember we are still in our 50s – the prime of life (fifty twelve is coming up for me next week). I’m just delighted to make it this far.

    Hey, I’ve got a plan. Why don’t you move back to Mississippi – we could rent our great grandfather’s home in Jeff Davis County for a month each year, dig for artifacts from our family’s past, and yak into the wee hours. What do you think?

  3. Sounds good to me!
    By the way, the swimming had to go on hold for a while for a couple of reasons.
    No way I’m eating gluten or the other food sensitivities as long as I live. I’m grateful that that eliminated lots of health problems. My main problem, physically, is the lack of the right kind of exercise here. The caregiving itself works a few muscles hard, but that exercise is very selective to those groups. The others are like flat tires! Ha!

    Nice day out other than the ozone, so think I’ll just venture out this evening when my sister returns. Daylight savings sure does help one to see the light of day more, doesn’t it?

    Yesterday, I noticed, for the first time this year, that when I turned the cold water faucet on, it came out warm. That means that the ground temperature is staying warm, and the grass and other things should be taking off now. Soon this warmer ground should be at a yard near you.
    Good for the harvest!

    Thanks for the encouragement!
    Look forward to yaking away someday.

  4. Here’s a thought. I bought what they call an urban rebounder several years ago – it’s really just a mini trampoline. I did a column on how it’s been tucked under a bed since the day I bought it. A lady called to say she would like to buy it since I’m not using it. I pulled it out from under the bed and began to jump. It really was pretty good exercise and I logged on several thousand steps in only about 15 minutes – according to my pedometer which I wear religiously.

    You might think about purchasing one of those from some cardio exercise – of course, you actually have to use it!

  5. Em,

    I actually got out and walked last night. Walking is really better for me due to the osteoporosis. Ate a ton of bok choy the last couple of days — love that stuff! Is it just ME? Can you grow that in Mississip-EE?

    I need to start using big cans of stuff as weights and start a weight training program. Also, I’ve heard that books are good as weights. Plenty of those here. Perhaps I can find something on the internet that’s good for bones.

    Thanks, Cuz

  6. I don’t even know what bok choy is. Never had it to my knowledge…will check it out at whole foods in Nashville tomorrow.
    If you get to Wal-Mart check out their work-out bands. I bought a kit there which contains all the bands you need for weight training and it has a book with a suggested program for full body workout. Very inexpensive and you can pretty much do anything you can do in a fancy gym.

  7. Em,

    Do get some of that at Whole Foods — you will LOVE it! Bok choy looks exactly like baby bok choy, only bigger. Hope that helps! Hee hee.

    It’s just a very green leafy type Asian vegetable, but it doesn’t look like lettuce or cabbage. The stalks are sort of whitish, so that part kind of reminds me of celery stalks. We cook it and add a little salt, but don’t do much else to it — well, except eat it. We use it in place of other greens as it’s not bitter tasting. See if any other ideas come to mind for fixing this stuff when you try it.

    You just made me remember that when we took Mother to Ft. Worth during Ike, at your suggestion, I believe, I went to a Walmart up there, and sure enough, they had a set of those bands. I’d forgotten all about that til you mentioned it. Would you believe that there are still some items from that evacutation that I’ve yet to unpack? I will hunt that down right away, and get to doing that resistance training if I can figure out the instructions.

    Thanks a bunch! Cuz

  8. When the weights Your pushing get manageable move up, but consider moving up in small increments. Lots of Folk hurt themselves by pushing to hard. It’s important to define Your goals early as well. If Your strength training You need more weight lower reps and if Your into tone and endurance then it’s the other way around. Best of luck with it!

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