Super bowl parties excuse to pig-out

As long as I can remember our friends have gotten together on Super Bowl Sunday at the home of a retired NFL official who worked three Super Bowls.  His performance  netted him three super bowl rings weighing about 17 pounds each. 



He could wear them all at once along with his Mississippi State ring and call them brass knuckles. 

saveMost years we could care less about the game – well, all except for that banner year when the Saints took home the title – 2011 I believe it was. 

Now that was a game I couldn’t tear myself away from.  All the other years I hung out in the kitchen with the other women and we would nonchalantly glance toward the TV set during a commercial or two, stifling a yawn.

But the food – now that’s the real reason for the seasonal celebration. The unhealthier the better. I saw a 47-layer dip some folks made for their Super Bowl party which contained 110,000 calories. You need a lot of guests to get out of there still wearing your jeans.


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