Super dawgs gather in droves

Superdawg weekend 2011 014

Super Dawg Saturday was one l—o—n—g, beautiful day. It began at 7:45 a.m. with the Mississippi Pork Cook-off on the Mississippi State campus, followed by a luncheon for all former MSU football players – which I was able to sneak into. I guess you could call me an aging  football player groupie.

Superdawg weekend 2011 006

My friend, Jack (right),  sneaked me in to see the man of my dreams – Dan Mullen ( left).  I love this man and what he’s done so much to energize the Bulldog Nation.  He irks the Rebel fans by referring to “That Team Up North” and displays the egg bo;.

Mullen even worked up a video which was shown on the Jumbotron during the spring game depicting how the trophy is used in the weight room to encourage the Bulldawgs to be their best.  It was a scream.

Next came a very disappointing, albeit a great weather day, for baseball.  The team trounced over Florida Friday only to fail to show up today.  Oh well, we can make up for it tomorrow.

Next on the agenda was the spring game on the gridiron which we won!  No doubt about that.  We’ve got four quarterbacks – FOUR – count ‘em.  All great in different situations. I especially loved watching that Farve guy who is as scrappy and hungry as his uncle, Brett.

And we’ve got a field goal kicker who doesn’t even know the meaning of the word “punt.”  He kicked a 53 yarder and several other long bombs to rack up a big percentage of the points on the scoreboard.

Superdawg weekend 2011 005


My friend, Pam, third from right, Braddock and I judged the pork cook-off.  Ribs for breakfast was a little disconcerting, and I felt like that stuffed pig for the rest of the day.

I brought the bones home to Rebel and Lucky Dawg who are no longer mad at me for leaving them unattended for 12 hours.

What a great day, great weather, and listen fans, the Bulldawgs are back.

4 thoughts on “Super dawgs gather in droves

  1. Loved your recount of SBW.

    BTW, do you know what you call a “toothless fan” from TSUN (The School Up North)?

    A “gummy” bear!!!

  2. Just to note to thank you from a Dwag fan out here in California. My brother, Bill, with Eddie Todd use to be a part of the cook off. I miss getting back to Mississippi for the “Weekend”.

    Thanks for sharing with us misplaced Southern Californians.

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