Supermarket rage sends me into orbit

kraft gone 011

I just returned from the store with the worst case of supermarket rage you’ve ever seen.

After my “incident” I bulldozed my way through the store cussing like a sailor (under by breath of course – my good Southern mama taught me never to outwardly exhibit my negative feelings which is why I probably need therapy today).

The disgust was prompted by my trip down the salad dressing aisle. Have you seen what Mr. Kraft has done to us now? The salad dressings have been downsized again into a little bottle about the size of a good dose of cough syrup. No, not even that big!

I was furious – the price was the same – or slightly more – as when they offered salad dressing in a size that would feed a family of four for about two meals. This new package would barely accommodate two small salads! This was highway robbery, and road rage paled in comparison to my reaction.

So I’ve decided never to purchase a commercial salad dressing again. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER! I mean, how hard is it to drizzle some olive oil and wine vinegar over your greens. Or toss some bleu cheese into a dab of mayo. Never again will I condone what Mr. Kraft has done to my salad dressing by purchasing one of these mini bottles that remind me of those little bottles of vodka they sell on an airplane.

I’m sure Mr. Newman, and Mr. Wishbone will follow suit.

In fact, they probably got together and decided to try to fool us the way Mr. Kellogg has been doing for months. Well, the joke’s on them. Won’t you join me in my boycott of these ridiculous downsized bottles of salad dressing which couldn’t contain 30 cents worth of ingredients?

One thought on “Supermarket rage sends me into orbit

  1. Postscript: I went to Kroger today with intentions of photographing one of the itty bitty bottles of salad dressing. Guess what. They don’t have them yet…I hope they agreed with me that they are ridiculous. But Jiggly Wiggly has them. You betcha.

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