Sure-fire cure for most depressing day

blue onday

Today – the third Monday in January – has been declared “The Most Depressing Day of the Year.”  It’s a result of Christmas bills coming due, icky weather and holiday weight gain.

mo mo

Compounding the day for me, I awoke to an empty coffee canister!  So, suffering from extreme withdrawal, I slogged over to the Piggly Wiggly and waited for the store to open.  I rushed to the coffee section and sprinted to check-out. 

Some lady was in front of me with three months worth of groceries so I tapped my foot and waited impatiently.  With nothing else to do, I picked up a tabloid with a headline which read:

       “Man’s 174 mph Sneeze Blows Wife’s Wig Off Her Head.” 

That struck me as hilarious and I began laughing in a very unlady-like manner. Inside there was more – “Your Doctor Could Be an Alien.” 

By now I’m almost in the floor and the two other customers in the store walked over to see what the ruckus was all about.  We all collapsed in near hysteria.  Someone turned the page and there, in huge typeface was the revelation that “Abraham Lincoln Was a Woman.”  Oh, my gosh, who makes up this stuff?

But I sure felt better about “Blue Monday.”  I brewed a pot of coffee and went out back to enjoy the warm temperatures.  The birds were chirping and it was beginning to sound a lot like spring.

One thought on “Sure-fire cure for most depressing day

  1. I always like to having that “feeling a lots like Spring” feeling, but a’last..I can harly figure out fall, winter or spring. They are all the same here..The only difference here is “THE SUMMER”.. God Forbide…but I know those temps in the 120 are coming ….way to soon…

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