Table running – a hot new sport


In case you haven’t figured it out, Shirley Dawkins of Starkville, Mississippi, is my role model and inspiration – both in the kitchen and the garden. She just can’t do anything wrong. Her garden is my fantasy and her kitchen is my dream.

Everything she does just works and she seems to do it effortlessly.

She does interesting things like plunking old empty picture frames into her garden to highlight a sculpture. She trained her old garden eliagnus to form a tunnel through which you pass into her herb garden. I tried to mimic both with no such luck. Hers looks carefree, mine looks contrived.

Now I learn that she has a new hobby which I must adopt post haste. She purchases beautiful pieces of fabric and makes table runners. They are truly works of art. She must have a hundred draped around the house. I began to drool when she showed them to me.

She has no plans to use them and won’t sell them – I figure they are a replacement for pets. You don’t have to feed them and they never mess up.

Maybe I’ll take up table running.  It would be so much easier than exercising.

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