Saluting the Greatest Generation

kitchen renovation, vets day 003 They served, they fought, they won.  And today they finally got some recognition – along with all the men and women who put their lives on the line to preserve the American way of life by serving our country in the armed forces. Continue reading

At the end of the day

Friday was bitter-sweet for patients of Dr. Tom Braddock who has been a healer and a confidant to several generations of families in North Mississippi. He took off his stethoscope for the last time and did what he always does – headed for the golf course.

Dr. Braddock has been my doctor for fifty-eleven years and he never charged me a penny. I bet I’ll have a hard time replacing him. Oh, did I mention he’s also my Daddy? He’s been practicing medicine for 58 years and finally decided to take an extended vacation – the first one in many years. Continue reading