Holidays approach – better get crackin’


I was flabbergasted yesterday morning when I discovered it was October 25 and Christmas is only two months away.

I haven’t even cleaned the confetti off the dining room table from New Years Eve and here it is about to roll around again.

A British researcher has made a special study of stress and discovered that Christmas is one of the five leading producers of stress – right up there with death and divorce! I don’t think that’s what God intended on the birthday of His son.

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Here come the Holidays – how to get ready

Things are about to get hectic, what with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas bearing down on us. It’s not too late to take a few steps to plan for the season and get it down on paper.

Why Have a Holiday Planning Notebook?

The holiday season inevitably brings a ton of stress and confusion and with the ailing economy, the challenge is greater than in recent years.

There is so much to coordinate, organize, and prepare. If you’re one of those unlucky people who want to have everything perfect, and you’ve got a recipe for emotional disaster. I know, because I have had enough holiday disasters to fill a book.

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