Taking absentmindedness to a new level


"When you are here and now, sitting totally, not jumping ahead, the miracle has happened. To be in the moment is the miracle."
– Osho

This weekend, my girl friends and I attended the Market Street festival in Columbus and had a ball.  Unfortunately I left pieces of myself all over the venue and even unknowingly shoplifted a bracelet.


I left one of my birthday presents on the display table while I was looking at some jewelry.  I left my sunglasses on another. 

As we were having lunch at The Front Door, I glanced at my wrist and discovered I was wearing a pearl bracelet I hadn’t paid for! 

OMG!  My absentmindedness has turned me into a criminal.  If that had happened at WalMart, I’d be wearing an orange jump suit about now.

Thankfully Marie walked along behind me and retrieved the glasses and the present.  I had to slink back to the jewelry vendor and pay for the bracelet, which, to be honest,  I had no intentions of buying.  Maybe I will wear it each day as  a reminder to stay focused on what I’m doing in real time.


Have you gone looking for your glasses only to find them perched on the top of your head? Or gone in to work or school only to find it was a Saturday? Ever tried to get into the wrong car, or fix a broken piece of electronics only to find it wasn’t actually switched on or plugged in?

The worst was the day I was chatting on my cell phone and walking all over the house looking for my cell phone!  Duh.

Many of us get lost in thought while performing routine tasks. We daydream about the future, replay conversations in our head, and generally allow our brains to take us anywhere but where we are, says Michael Neill, a life coach whose newsletter I read every week.

Most of the time we get away with it, says Michael. but sometimes we can suffer real consequences such as running into a stalled car in the road!

Maybe its time to discover what can happen when we stop listening to all the voices telling us what we should be doing and instead turn up the volume on the moment at hand, and hear the still, small voice within.

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