Taking an exercise vacation today


When I purchased Direct TV and got my big ole man-sized LCD television, I rationalized that I could finally drop out of my health club.

Direct has a great channel called Fit-TV and instructors carry on non-stop exercise classes from dawn to dusk.  I figured I could exercise at home and save myself $35 a month to spend on donuts and Ding Dongs (which I did).


Nevertheless I’ve been watching Fit-TV regularly from my recliner for going on three months.   Yesterday, the Gods of forward motion finally got to me, and I pulled myself up and tried to actually participate.  If 90-year old Jack LaLanne can still do it, surely I could too.

It was 7 a.m. and the exercise of the hour was yoga.  Hmmm, that looked pretty easy.

Wrong.  It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I was shocked to find I can no longer touch my toes.  In fact, I barely cleared my knees.  When did that happen?

Getting down on the floor was the hardest part and getting back up the second hardest part.  Maybe Yoga isn’t my thang, I thought.

gilad-thumb Next up, was this beautiful man named Gilad (see left). Who wouldn’t want him in their sitting room?

He was jumping around on the beaches of Hawaii. I jumped around with him, but the house began to shake violently. Rebel and Lucky Dawg thought an earthquake was coming and they ran and hid under the bed.

On top of that,  my sitting room (aptly named), is right off the kitchen and I kept glancing at that bag of “Who Dat”  Zaps which were calling my name.  Somehow I knew they’d never make it to the Super Bowl party.

Long story short, I wheezed through 45 minutes of various yoga poses and weight lifting using two cans of green beans which didn’t even weigh the same.  Oh gee, now I’ll probably be lopsided.

This morning, I could hardly get out of bed, which tells me the exercise must have done some good.  I’m taking today off.

3 thoughts on “Taking an exercise vacation today

  1. I’m looking for a CD entitled “Yoga for Grandparents”. It is amazing what you can lose by sitting around too much. I know this from experience. A hot bath helps.

    Jeanette B.

  2. I think I may qualify for “Yoga for Great Grandparents” at this point. Alas, I have no grandchildren or great grandchildren so I guess that means I don’t have to do any more yoga.

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