Terrified of Alzheimer’s? Here are some steps to take

Practically everyone I know has been touched by Alzheimer’s disease on one way or another. Either a friend’s parents or maybe your own may be showing signs of forgetfulness and others may have been diagnosed with a full blown case.

We are living longer and chances of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s are frightening. I live alone, and terrified of these conditions since I may not know if I’m headed in that direction. I’ve warned all my friends to call my sons at once if they see me wearing my clothes on backwards or other strange behavior. My friend, Barbara, replied “When have you NOT exhibited strange behavior.”

So I guess for people like me, normal behavior would be the red flag?

Never mind. But I read about a few things we can do now to help stave off memory problems down the road. I hope it’s not too late.

I hate to tell you this, especially during Thanksgiving week, but a low-fat diet has been linked of Alzheimer’s prevention. Studies have found people who eat the most vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower have less cognitive decline. That’s good. Those are two of the only three vegetables I ever eat.

Why can’t they ever discover that something delicious like Snickers prevent something bad? I guess you could say Snickers prevent anorexia.

But here’s an interesting tidbit. Eating more of the spice turmeric shows promise of cutting incidences of Alzheimer. I looked this up and found it is a traditional spice used in curry. It is readily available in your grocery store and I went right out and bought a tin.

Another good move for us, ahem, older citizens is to get moving. Working out three or more times a week is recommended to cut your risk by as much as 35 percent. Okay, so what else is new? Two new year’s resolutions – more veges steeped in turmeric and more exercise (which will be easy since I’m doing zero at present).

Some interesting things are being done with supplements especially folic acid which seems to reduce levels of homocysteine. In one study, a daily dose of 800 mcgs of folic acid lowered levels and improved memory. We should also be taking steps to remain mentally active such as taking classes or working puzzles. Even a game of bridge is good, but I despise bridge. Old Maids, anyone?

Funny. All these steps we can take to improve our memory, are the same ones we hear every day to live more full and productive lives. I guess it’s just “DOIN IT” that catches us short.

Okay – so new year’s resolutions will include more veges steeped in turmeric and chased with a folic acid tablet followed by a long walk during which I must name all 50 states and recite theiri capitals. Or are there only 49 states. I forget.

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