Texas trip satisfies most of “Bucket List”


As the girls of the class of ’65 move past the fifty-eleven mark, we are committed to completing our “bucket lists.” If you haven’t seen Jack Nicholson’s latest movie, you might not understand, but the “list” refers to all those things we want to do before we “kick the bucket” so to speak.

jet skiiing

The girls of the class of ’65 (West Point High School), get together periodically to whoop it up and pretend we’re 16 again. This time, we flew to Austin to reunite with our friend Carole Higgins Morton who owns a wonderful home in the city as well as a three bedroom, two bath houseboat on Lake Travis. It offers every amenity conceivable and we took full advantage of the entire package which was so carefully planned and orchestrated by our hostess and her husband Don.

Cutlines (top)-Midnight at the Oasis, one of Austin’s finest eateries with spectacular view. We were joined by Carole’s girls, Stephanie and Meredith, at left and her mother Kathy Higgins, second from right.

Above: Beth, Norma and Emily almost capsized before jet ski outing.


Carolyn Mitchell at right was also among the group. Note the Margarita Pop-sickles prepared by our host.

stuffed in cabin Here are a few of the bucket items we checked off during our trip this week(at least the ones I’m free to publish): We went jet skiing; snacked on Margarita pop-sickles while rafting on the gargantuan Lake Travis outside Austin; slept on a house boat (at right Ruthie and Norma try out the cabin);raced across the lake in a speed boat and spied on the nude men sunbathing along the beach; pooled all our cosmetics and had a “big girl” make up party. They made me toss my hot pink lipstick forever; and we laughed non-stop for about 96 hours. beth and eats

There are many others, but I would be lynched if I reported them. You get the idea.

Carole plied us with unbelievable menus which I’ll share in a future post. At left, Beth served turkey roll-ups she threw together in about two minutes. We all dreaded coming home, but we’ll be together again in two weeks when we celebrate Mrs. Higgins’ 90th birthday. She was an inspiration to us all and did everything we did including climbing the bluff to get back to our vehicle. She was the only one not huffing and puffing!

cowgirls cruising

4 thoughts on “Texas trip satisfies most of “Bucket List”

  1. One minor correction… They were Tequila Sunrise popsicles. 🙂

  2. Well duh! That explains the red tips. I knew it had something to do with tequila. Don’t forget to send the recipe – your fans are waiting. The breakfast casserole too and fruit sauce. You are the best!

  3. I will always have great memories of our time on Lake Travis. What fun!Carole is a fantastic host. Aren’t you glad we took that jetski ride with the good looking man!

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