Text sex new birth control?


Okay, so my book club often gets off topic and the book we came to discuss is quickly forgotten.

Last night was such a night. We met to discuss The Red Diary by Lily Koppel and we did, sort of.  While talking about the racy behavior of the heroine during the 1920s and 30s, we somehow shifted to risque behavior in the year 2009. 

It’s been a long time since any of us acted even slightly “racy'” so it was pure speculation.

teens_driving We decided there aren’t many “improper activities” going on because everyone is either text messaging or sporting a cell phone hanging from each ear.  Yes!  Yesterday I saw a young man with two phones in use! That’s just sick.

Nell Slaughter said her grandson came to visit this weekend.  The whole time they were trying to converse, he was punching buttons in his pants pocket as he answered text messages.  He doesn’t go out with girls, he just texts them!

We decided the teen pregnancy rate will likely fall in the next few years as human interpersonal relationships are carried out electronically.  Someone said she heard teenagers can’t even look you in the eye any longer because they are so used to looking at that little screen – and emotions?  Forget it.  The only emotion is transmitted via a little smiley face added in the text message as an afterthought.

I guess birth control is the upside – the downside is they are driving and texting which is a lethal combination.  What ever happened to “rolling” people’s yards with toilet paper.  That’s how I spent my youth.  But then I didn’t turn out so good either.

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