Thank goodness for Ruthie


Have you ever had a friend you could count on for anything. I  mean ANYTHING?

Do you have someone who would help you out in any situation? I’ve got that in my high school friend, Ruthie. She rescued me tonight and I’ll never forget how willing she was.  Here’s what happened.

I call my father almost every night.  He’s 86 and his wife, who just had surgery is close behind.  I got no answer.  Since Daddy can’t drive and his wife  just had surgery, they should have been sitting  by the phone.

No answer.  I waited 30 minutes and called back.  No answer. I called Ruthie She was on the case.

Ruthie drove  over  and fleshed out the problem – they were at choir practice at the First Presbyterian Church  right next door – singing their hearts out just like Daddy’s been doing for 50 –something years.

This reminds me again how important our friends are. The REAL ones  who will  be with us forever..warts and all.

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