That’s a great question!


Watching television these days is both humorous and disturbing.  The “experts” are quizzed by the celebrity news hounds about everything from foreign policy to sexual function of sports heroes.

No fewer than five times each hour,  I hear the phrase “That’s a great question” uttered. I wonder how many times each day this phrase is used, and I wonder whether anyone  ever is honest and says “That’s a stupid question.”

Most of them are that – stupid.  I watched Matt Lauer ask a celebrity if he was ready for 2011.  The idiot responded, “That’s a good question.” I figure he didn’t know the answer and was just buying time to come up with something profound. Later Matt asked the weather man if it would be a sunny day.  He responded, “That’s  great question!”

A  beauty queen  was asked if she had undergone reconstructive surgery. “Great question,” she answered.

Why is that such a great question? Sorry, but this response is irritating me.

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