That’s California politics for ya’


Drive-through voting in California…

Yesterday in Los Angeles, NBC reported that a democrat won a spot on the state senate.  I’m sure she would be happy, but she died two weeks ago!

On Tuesday, a Democrat named Jenny Oropeza was elected as a state senator in California’s 28th district . . . even though she DIED TWO WEEKS AGO.

Oropeza died at age 53 on October 20th from complications from a blood clot. She successfully beat cancer back in 2004. But because she died so close to the election, it was too late to remove her from the ballot.

Oropeza has been a state senator since 2006. Her district covers some beach communities in Los Angeles including Venice, Manhattan Beach, and part of Long Beach . . . and it’s known as a heavily Democratic area.

She was running against a Republican named John Stammreich and beat him, 58% to 36%.

But even though she’s dead, he doesn’t automatically get the spot. The governor has two weeks to declare her seat as empty and a special election will be held within three or four months. Stammreich can run again, against a new Democrat.

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