The art of the decision


Making decisions can be a terrifying experience.

There is always the agony associated with making a poor choice and risking a mistake, a bad outcome, or loss of opportunity.


You probably face twice as many choices than your grandparents did, from major life decisions of where and how to earn a living, to have children, where to live, to the minor ones like choosing a restaurant or movie.

Being indecisive is not a protection; it can feel safer, but that is only a mirage.  It has consequences.  That awful screeching in the brakes of my car is not going to go away, it is only going to get worse.  It’s better to call the mechanic today than wait for an all-out malfunction.

And what was I thinking when I purchased that winter white jacket that makes me look like a nurse with anemia.  It’s still in my closet with the price tags, a constant reminder of a very poor decision.

What do you know about your decision-making style?  Are you a Jumper, Worrywart, Reseacher or Avoider?  I’m smack dab in the middle – A jumper on most occasions – making snap choices then having to live with the consequences.  And yet on day to day minor decisions I’m an Avoider – hoping things will magically get better.

Not to split hairs, but to my mind (which admittedly is a very strange place) it’s not really the decision itself that’s the problem.  What really makes us sweat are the imagined consequences of that decision. Remember, it’s perception, not necessarily reality, we’re dealing with here.

I usually say “What’s the worst that can happen?” and walk it through to the potential outcomes.  That way I’m pleasantly surprised with my good decisions and somewhat prepared for the pain of the bad ones.

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