The best gift to give yourself this Christmas

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After that marathon cleaning guide we imposed on readers yesterday, may we back-pedal a bit?

Regardless of all the lists, to-dos, rushing and stressing, we must accept the inevitable.  Sometimes we just can’t get to everything.


Sometimes things remain undone and the sky will not fall.  In fact,  no one will care that your baseboard are dusty and you didn’t get the silver salt and pepper shakers polished.  (I purchased salt and pepper grinders in the spice section of my grocery store, and they will be on the table this year.) 

And Santa won’t care if he only gets vanilla wafers this year.

I would like to get all my windows gleaming and squeaky clean, but it just ain’t gonna happen if I am to get all the cooking and shopping done.  And darn it, one string of lights burned out on my kitchen tree – so I need to undress it and start over with some new lights.

But you know what?  Who’s going to notice if I just string up a new strand of new lights over the old ones. Let’s all just cut ourselves some slack and enjoy our families and friends.  Ditto for regrets from the past year.  I think I reached two of ten of my New Year’s resolutions this year and neither involved losing weight.

If you can’t handle imperfection, maybe you can give yourself a therapist this Christmas.

So what if we haven’t come as far as we’d planned, but a new year is waiting in the wings.  So forgive yourself. There is no one more tedious than a perfect person, especially if it’s someone who also demands perfection from you. 

And remember, behind all that perfection is a neurotic bore who never really figures out how to live a REAL authentic life. 

2 thoughts on “The best gift to give yourself this Christmas

  1. Nice thoughts for these days before Christmas, especially after yesterday’s column. I will lighten up! True, everything doesn’t have to get done to have a good christmas. Peace be with all.

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