The best Mother’s Day ever

trailer park

Mother’s day this year  was the best ever and  it lasted three days. Braddock and I drove to Nashville to spend some time with my son William.


We did four of the best restaurants in Nashville and shopped the hottest boutiques before going crazy at the most fabulous Farmer’s Market I’ve ever seen.

My boys indulged my every wish  until they could stand it no longer. They were sick of shopping, so I dropped the issue and thanked my lucky stars that they still wanted me around.

We drove to William’s home and had the “piece de resistance.” I mean it.  This was the best part of the weekend.

We watched 20 episodes of “The Trailer Park Boys,” and I laughed so hard  I probably added another  20 years to my life.

If you haven’t heard of this Canadian sit-com, you should check it out.  You must steel yourself against the bad language.  But I’ve got to tell you, I love this guy Bubbles –  pictured in the middle. He is like a modern day Andy Griffith – only more intelligent.  He was abandoned by his parents at birth and left to live in an outhouse. His life mission is taking care of lost cats.

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