The bomb – Bombasha!

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If you’re  looking for an unbelievable restaurant experience in the Nashville area, you must check out this place.

Bombasha – maybe the best restaurant experience I’ve ever had.

My son, William, is in the restaurant business there and he stays on top of the best places in Nashville.  Of course, his restaurant is the very best, but for Mother’s Day he took me to a place that rocked my boat.

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It’s called Bombasha. It’s a Brazilian steak house and it may be the best I’ve ever experienced. (Well, you must remember that  my favorite up until now is Pap’s Place in Ackerman where the owner dresses up like a catfish.)

But Hey, I’ve been to Paris.  I’ve eaten in London.  This is still the best.

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First off, they have a salad bar like nothing I’ve ever seen.  I know, I know, boring and passe.  Not this one.  No siree. Fresh veges packed in the most beautiful packages.  My favorite was the artichoke heart baskets stuffed with with balsamic cheese dressing.

Then, you get a coaster with a green side and a red side. If your coaster is on green, some adorable men come out and slice the most tender, flavorful meat you ever had.  If you don’t pay attention and turn your coaster to red, they just keep coming – with rib eyes, filet mignon, baby back ribs, parmesan coated chicken….I could go on and on.

You must try this place.  They don’t have a menu and William wouldn’t tell me what it cost. But he said it was in the $30 a head range.  I think that’s a bargain. We went to a breakfast place the next morning and it cost us $90 – tax and tip not included.  All we got was grits, biscuits and something that looked like fried baloney.

But the garden was beautiful. I guess you must weigh the good with the bad.

Bombasha is worth a trip to Nashville. Ask to meet the owner.  She is adorable (William got her number). I’m already thinking we shall name our first child “Bonita.”

One thought on “The bomb – Bombasha!

  1. Em,
    You always go to the coolest places in Nashville. I’m envious.
    We have Fogo de Chao, (I think it’s the correct sp.), which is also a Brazilian rest. like the one you went to, but I’ve never been. Heard it’s VERY expensive. Maybe, if you ever come for a visit, we can splurge and go.

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