The case of the deficient kitchen


This weekend I had some of my oldest and dearest friends over for a St. Pat’s luncheon.  I know, I know, it was four days late, but I always like a theme to get me inspired.

I decided to do Irish stew, soda bread, and all things green.  I found a recipe on the internet that got 165 rave reviews, I thought, “How can this fail?”

I would be the Queen of the Kitchen at last. I stuck to the instructions without wavering.

The recipe  didn’t fail me, in fact it was  a huge success, but midway in the preparation, I realized I’m not properly equipped to do anything beyond heating up a can of soup.

The recipe called for sautéing a pound and a half of stew meat in olive oil, then simmering it in a concoction of Irish Beer and red wine, and some seasonings like thyme, garlic and tomato paste.

Check.  Got that done in my black iron skillet.

The next step called for sautéing 3 pounds of red potatoes, a big chopped onion, and two cups of carrots.  Got out my yuppie Le Creuset and did that.  Check. I was on a roll.

pots Next, I got into trouble.  The recipe said to combine the two and simmer for another hour.  All that stuff would never fit into any pot in my kitchen, but I was too far gone to turn back.

I panicked until I remembered that I have a wonderful neighbor who entertains all the time.  She once operated a commercial kitchen, bet she can help me out.

Her housekeeper looked at me pathetically and said “Sure honey, we have some large pots.”  She opened the pantry and I was blinded by the array of pots, shining like fourteen-karat diamonds. I had a fleeting vision of my favorite sauce pan which has no handle and lists a little on the right side.

“You mean I can have any one”?” I was like a kid in the candy store.

“Why don’t you take two, just to make sure,” she said kindly.  Had I died and gone to heaven?

“Could I come live over here?” I asked, as she shoved me out the back door. This was the kitchen of my dreams.

I strudged back home with my pot of choice and finished my stew.  It was wonderful.  That Le Creuset that I paid an arm and a leg for, is still sitting in the sink with black gunk on the bottom. And the name Le Creuset pealed off to boot!   What a bummer. My neighbor collects somthing called All-Clad cookware and I looked it up on the internet.  The large dutch oven costs more than I could probably get for my nine year old Toyota.

Updating my kitchen equipment is at the top of the list for this spring.

One thought on “The case of the deficient kitchen

  1. I know the feeling. It’s sad when a friend comes over for the day and wants to help cook, but finds they must go to the store and buy a new skillet because they don’t like the one I have. (Guess it’s a good way to get new kitchen ware, though) lol

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