The doctor is only a click away!


Are you feeling anxious about symptoms like an upset stomach, cough, or sore throat — or something more sinister? has launched an interactive computer site to help you determine the possible causes and suggest your next action step.

I am very hesitant to call a doctor about some nebulous symptom.  I grew up with a doctor in the family and I had to be dying to get attention, so I learned early that we can pretty much survive most common illnesses without intervention.

But sometimes I have a symptom I wonder about.


Now, you can visit the site and tell Dr. Stephen Schueler your main symptom, and he will interview you just like a real doctor. Based on your answers, he will give you several suggestions of what could be wrong and help you decide if you need to see a doctor.

This revolutionary tool is powered by a computer program that provides information about 3,000 symptoms and is used by VA hospitals across the country to assist health professionals in providing care.  It’s certainly not a replacement for your regular medical care, but it’s a place to start if you are experiencing an anomaly and don’t know where to turn.

Whether you’re trying to find out what might be wrong with you or prepping for your next doctor’s visit, you can start with the Symptom Checker. Medical professionals have been using this tool for more than eight years as an aid in their evaluation and decision-making process. This tool is 100 percent written and maintained by physicians.

Log onto and click on the subhead “Try our new symptom checker.”  Or you can type in symptom checker on the “search” bar.

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