The fine line between tasteful and honky tonky

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Last night I decorated my house for Christmas.

The results were breathtaking by night – but at first morning’s light, it may  look more like a honky tonk after a George Jones concert! In fact, for a moment I saw visions of the Flora Bama floating above my dining room table.


I put up five trees – four inside and one outside.  I lit up my mantles like the Boston harbor on the 4th of July. But by George, it took me all afternoon to untangle all those strings of lights and they’re staying put.  I hung a 10-pound garland complete with fruit over my guest room bed.  Should it fall while someone is sleeping, they may never wake up.

Luckily, no one is coming this year because we’re all going to Nashville for Christmas.

Unfortunately, I’m the sort of person who never knows when to quit. If a little is good, more is better, is what I always say. I was just reading an article by Jon Franklin who said “Simplicity carried to an extreme becomes elegance.”

Well, Yawl.  No one ever called me elegant, and there’s no point in trying to achieve that moniker at this point in my life.  I’m going honky tonk this year and I don’t care what anyone thinks.

Here’s one thing I will not be doing.  Someone sent me their version of the Bottle Tree at Christmas.  Check it out!  Those are bottles of wine! The person who built it is probably doing 28 days in a treatment facility.


2 thoughts on “The fine line between tasteful and honky tonky

  1. Well, I guess a tree made of bottles of wine is better than what I THOUGHT it was at first glance. I first thought it was a tree made from beer cans. At least this one is a little classier, I guess.

  2. I did too Elsie, had to look at it really hard to discover it was wine. I’m sure there are beer can trees scattered throughout Dixie as well.

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