The Garden That Never Was

pottery 005

My friend, Kathy Ramsey, has taken up pottery in addition to all her other artistic pursuits.  I’m the lucky recipient of  the fruits of her labor.

pottery 002

The latest addition to a growing collection of authentic Kathy Ramsey creations is the wonderful Fleur de Lis bowl (left).

She “threw” it in observance of the Saints march to world championship status.  I treasure it right up there with all my pears.

I LOVE pears…the shape of them, the colors, the taste.  So for my birthday she painted the pear which hangs over my sitting room fire place.  Then she gave me a pottery 006 “pear” spoon rest for Christmas, along with a fabulous plate with another organic (leaf) embellishment you can see below.

She painted my house several years ago – well, she didn’t actually paint my house although it needed it in the worst way.  She did a portrait of my cottage and made my garden look the way I’ve always dreamed it would look – nary a single weed in sight.

pottery 001 Somewhere in the future, I dream of my grandchildren hanging that painting in their home and saying “Wasn’t Grandmaw a wonderful gardener?”

Frankly, that will probably never happen because it doesn’t seem I’ll ever be blessed with grandchildren and I am a very lazy gardener. But when I pass on to the Great Here After, I hope someone buys that painting for $1.99 and admires the Garden That Never Was.

2 thoughts on “The Garden That Never Was

  1. Thank you, what a nice article. The Saints bowl isn’t too good, but
    I’m glad you like it.
    It’s nice to be famous for a day anyway!! I’ve been thinking about
    doing some more pears and bananas.
    See you later, Love

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