The girls of summer

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We played together at nursery school half a century ago, and we are still playing together today.

Ten of my best friends from high school got together yesterday to celebrate the entry of four more into the wonderful world of Fifty-thirteen. (We’re not graduating past 50, you understand.)

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Ruthie, Beth, Marie and Carolyn are the last to join us in reaching the ripe old age of 50-13. Norma made a wonderful lemon ice box cake for the birthday girls.

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Beth models our new bustiers, which Marie and I purchased several months ago just for this occasion.

Okay, so our taste in couture runs toward the Molly Cyrus genre, so what!?  At this point in our lives, we can wear what we darn well please and our mothers can’t do a thing about it!

Marie and I found the shirts at a Wal-Mart in New Albany for 50 cents each.  Best wardrobe investment we ever made!

It took the birthday girls over an hour to open their gifts and Mr. Hallmark’s stock just went up – I counted 44 birthday cards left in our wake.  This year was a special treat since we had Sandi and Lota from Florida and Martha from Texas – both rarely get home with us.

This time next year, we will do it again!  I can’t wait.

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Babes in toyland – we just have a different playground today.

5 thoughts on “The girls of summer

  1. You girls have so much fun! What a great group of 50-13er’s!!
    Love the shirt! And LOVE what a bargain they were!!

  2. Thanks, Donna for dropping by the site. You might like to know that the Girls of Summer have elected you as the “Best Wife of the Class of ’65”. This is a new award that may never be bestowed again.

    Everyone was so happy that George finally came back after all these years and that you even seemed to enjoy us, as obnoxious as we were…You are as beautiful as I remember! What a lucky guy.

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